Empowering Vision AI

Bringing Human-like Intelligence to Vision Algorithms

Telos-AI is dedicated to transforming vision AI through cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our goal is to make expert-level vision inspection universally accessible, breaking geographical barriers. With advanced AI vision algorithms, we empower industries ranging from medical diagnostics to manufacturing quality control to automate and enhance vision inspection tasks. Our vision is to become an established leader in vision AI algorithms and leverage that position to create a healthy and scalable business. Let’s partner to build a technologically enriched future.
AI Vision Solutions
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Customized AI vision solutions for your unique business needs.
Automated Inspection
Automated inspection tasks with precision and accuracy.
AI Vision Model Training
Expert-level vision AI model training and seamless integration with your existing system.
Future Vision AI
Stay ahead of the curve with Telos-AI's cutting-edge vision AI solutions.

Our Services Include

Our AI vision solutions are designed to address the most challenging vision inspection tasks across diverse industries. We leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to provide expert-level accuracy across various inspection tasks, including defect detection, classification, and measurement. Our solutions are scalable, flexible, and customizable, ensuring that our clients can achieve their inspection goals with ease and efficiency.
Our automated inspection services offer a fully automated, end-to-end inspection process that reduces inspection time by up to 70%. We provide a comprehensive suite of automated inspection services, including sample handling, image capture, and data analysis. Our services enable clients to achieve reliable, consistent, and cost-effective inspection processes, improving quality control and enhancing their bottom line.
Our AI vision model training and integration services provide clients with customized, expert-level vision algorithms tailored to their unique inspection needs. Our team of seasoned professionals works closely with clients to understand their inspection requirements and develop models that provide accurate and consistent results. We offer seamless integration with clients’ existing infrastructure, enabling them to leverage their investments in hardware and software. Our services provide clients with a competitive edge, enabling them to achieve superior inspection outcomes and drive sustainable business growth.